OUSTA – For Our Drivers ONLY! – Download application Aste drivers joined the team of Egyptian Alostoat – for drivers only and not for clients

OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY!

Download application Aste drivers joined the team of Egyptian Alostoat – for drivers only and not for clients

OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 0OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 1OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 2OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 3OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 4OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 5OUSTA - For Our Drivers ONLY! screenshot 6

Welcome to the application of Aste drivers specifically designed for partners Aste of limousines and private transport companies. You can not ask for connections via this application as it is designed only for the professionals to receive delivery of Aste customer requests.

If you Aste partners or drivers joined to Aste, please download this application and enter your email address and password obtained from Aste to be able to receive delivery of the passenger requests immediately.

Aste company Egyptian company 100% pure and to communicate between the client and the professional Drivers are professional, safe and reliable all the time.

Les Aste name:

Usta is the driver’s skilled team of his career, both in the car’s handling and driving manner the security and Maher addition to the tact in dealing with each client, whatever the circumstances.

For application:

ASTA apply only to drivers designed for drivers. You can receive through the application connections and access to the customer and end your connection and a review of the fare and access to the team’s technical support application Aste.
Aste company is concerned with providing connections and flights are reliable, secure and efficient cash and up on time and as quickly as concerned with their customers and their drivers (Ostoadtha) to the fullest extent. Your experience as a partner with Aste based on a common communication between Usta and passenger to ensure access to the best destination different picture in a comfortable and safe enjoyable experience.

Learn the rules of private charter Basti behavior to provide a better service for both passengers each time.

Usta always professional, committed and polite: Aste not accept any kind of harassment, harassment or roughness. We care about the safety and security of all passengers and respect them. Usta always professionally whatever the situation.

Usta does not accept or engage in any kind of racism or discrimination types: do not accept or practice any kind of discrimination. Do not judge a person based on appearance, religious beliefs, political orientations, kind, age or state of health or physical or due to any challenge faced. Any of the workers or passengers with Aste Aste exposed out of the final application if they proved no discrimination against any client.

Usta is not aggressive at all for whatever reason: I do not accept any kind of lack of respect, or aggressive penetration privacy. Real Usta does not comment on the appearance of the passenger or ethnic background or social class does not in any way for any reason. Aste is not entitled to launch any words or comments positively or negatively about anyone during the trip is not entitled him or her to start any discussion with the passenger, unless the passenger start talking first. For Aste not entitled to issue a personal question for passengers or make any attempt to penetrate the privacy of the passenger physically or morally. Usta passenger respects personal space always has no right to utter or perform any act of aggression toward anyone the street, even if provoked. Aste does not accept any kind of violence.

Usta Khaddoma and always pleasant: Aste encourage all to be calm and clear during his dealings with the passenger all the time. Aste expects all drivers and passengers obligation to treat a respectable, quiet and nice.

Usta cares Safety First: strongly care about the security and safety standards for each of Usta and passenger. Which means that the Usta exit the application if he felt that threaten his safety or the safety car led. If you feel that the passenger is illegal to work while in the car or the car you or expose you or all of the passengers or others at risk, you should inform the Aste operations center immediately.

Definition of illegal acts:

Drug use or smoking illegal substances

Drinking alcohol while in the car

Acts contrary to public morals and in accordance with law

Carry weapons illegally unlicensed or tools may be used as a weapon

Safety also requires driving a vehicle in a manner consistent with the traffic law and limit the speed in every city and every road.

We are advised to always abide by seat belts for Aste and passenger.

Breach of any of the above rules may lead to termination of Usta account or the passenger immediately on application Aste. We may have

To inform the concerned authorities in the case of a law any act contrary to the law.


In case you experience the position requires the intervention of an emergency, please contact the emergency number for your city or private ambulance or

Pressure on the emergency button inside the application Aste immediately.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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