Frotasoft Mobile – Frotasoft Mobile – GPS tracking fleet management solution

Frotasoft Mobile

Frotasoft Mobile – GPS tracking fleet management solution

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In order to manage the fleet of your company, Novatronica conceived, produced and developed the FROTASOFT solution.
Through this GPS equipment location solution (cars, trucks, motorcycles , boats , containers, etc. ), companies can control, in a truly effective manner, know the location and journeys made ​​by their entire fleet .
For this, the equipment must be fitted with devices to transmit a GPS location . These devices are marketed and installed by Novatronica group or its network of agents / installers.
The expansion of our FROTASOFT solution, known worldwide for the Android platform, aims to provide the following features:

– Listing of equipment that make up the company’s fleet
– Location of the various equipment on the map
– Listing of trips made by each of the equipment
– View on the map of the journey performed in each of the trips.
– Lock and unlock vehicles using sms

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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