3D Map Xplorer – 3D Map that has Topo,fire, clouds and other layers for hikers and backpackers.

3D Map Xplorer

3D Map that has Topo,fire, clouds and other layers for hikers and backpackers.

3D Map Xplorer screenshot 03D Map Xplorer screenshot 13D Map Xplorer screenshot 23D Map Xplorer screenshot 33D Map Xplorer screenshot 43D Map Xplorer screenshot 53D Map Xplorer screenshot 63D Map Xplorer screenshot 7

Use 3D Map Xplorer if you are hiking or backpacking in the USA this simple program is for you. It displays US Topographic, Wildfire, weather and other critical info over a 3D Sat/roads map. It displays Earthquakes observed worldwide. 3D Map Xplorer allows you to load a gpx file and displays it on the 3D terrain. 3D Map Xplorer gives you a better perspective in 3D and updates automatically. You can display the different layers (Wildfires, clouds ect) and select which ones you want to view or all at once. You can search for a location and select it to view on the map. It displays closest wildfires and gives distance and directon to it relative to your current GPS location. You can share the map with your friends. You also get a list of famous sites to zoom to at a touch of a button such as Grand Canyon or Yosemite and even the Giza Pyramids. It also has a Web Page and Video viewers. Each contains a list of useful information like first aid, forestry web sites and more!

It is best to use an internet connection through a WiFi router and we tested with 2GB of CPU Memory and large pixel count but it might be okay with 1GB and low pixel resolution but not with 500MB of CPU Memory. We support Android 4.4+.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/maps-navigation


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