NUNAV Courier – Stop-based trip optimizer and GPS. For courier, express and parcel services.

NUNAV Courier

Stop-based trip optimizer and GPS. For courier, express and parcel services.

NUNAV Courier screenshot 0NUNAV Courier screenshot 1NUNAV Courier screenshot 2NUNAV Courier screenshot 3NUNAV Courier screenshot 4NUNAV Courier screenshot 5NUNAV Courier screenshot 6NUNAV Courier screenshot 7NUNAV Courier screenshot 8NUNAV Courier screenshot 9NUNAV Courier screenshot 10NUNAV Courier screenshot 11NUNAV Courier screenshot 12NUNAV Courier screenshot 13NUNAV Courier screenshot 14NUNAV Courier screenshot 15NUNAV Courier screenshot 16NUNAV Courier screenshot 17

NUNAV Courier is a stop-based trip optimizer that takes traffic into account. Driving NUNAV Courier proves the ideal trip, always; even with hundreds oft rips. The trip is kept updated on a seconds based and avoids traffic jams. The arrival times are always on the minute: share it with your customer.

NUNAV Courier can deal with timeframes, prioritoes, before-after constraints, weights and sizes.
NUNAV Courier is based on the revolutionary NUNAV routing. A intelligent swarm algorithm distributes all participant drivers on streets, in a way that congestions are avoided before they appear.

NUNAV recommends an individual route. It continuously adapts to drivers behavior and compute routes regarding the behavior of other drivers, optimizing the traffic system as such. If enough people use this technology, the travel time could be decreased by 25% in inner cities in average.

Try it out! Tell us your experience! The more people using, the better the routes.
Don’t be the traffic jam!

– NUNAV is fully functionial in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
– NUNAV is in test mode in Poland, Czech, Netherland, Danemark, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein
– NUNAV is based on OpenStreetMap map data.
– We shall not be liable or responsible for quantity and quality of the routing and showed information nor resulting consequences.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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