TocTocBox – TocTocBox – simple and affordable travel expeditions


TocTocBox – simple and affordable travel expeditions

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Offer space as you travel REDUCE TRAVEL EXPENSES or send what ‘you want in a few clicks. And ‘SIMPLE, CHEAP, FAST
Come and join in the community and works with those who prefer!

If you often travel by car or train to work and play, or you move normally in town ‘by metro or scooter or with a van and you have free space, please enter your itinerary and receive a refund to bring to target objects.
If you are a student or a worker out of the office but do not want to give up the Mother’s dishes or you move or even you forgot the charger the weekend at home, what aspects: entrust your things to a Community carrier, is fast, convenient and no size or weight restrictions!

Toctocbox is the alternative to traditional shipping methods, that connects those who have to send an object with people who travel and have free place with him, offering a faster collaboration service, beneficial, reliable and sustainable.
If you want to send forget the long waits and not pack up unnecessarily. Contact a community traveler and is a step to your items.
If you discover transport convenience to share your every move: for you a useful refund, an important aid for the environment.

Functionality of the app:
-module insertion simple and addictive demands.
-bacheca ad consultation
-Matching the most relevant ads with each request
Integrated -chat for exchanging messages and agreements between users.
-service of shipment tracking real-time and allows you to know at all times where you are your items
unique-code to authenticate the delivery operation
-exchange of feedback with selfies to witness the deliveries and guarantee maximum reliability.


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